Protective Linings Technical Support

Being both the manufacturer of the application equipment and the chemical lining systems Rhino Linings understands better than anyone else the importance of training and technical support.

At Rhino Linings we are not in the business of selling "franchises" we are committed to developing a network of qualified Dealers who offer total solutions using our
superior lining systems. Our success depends on our Dealers success.

Consequently at Rhino Linings Australasia we focus a good deal of our resources into training and supporting our Dealers. Our Technical support team are available 7 days a week to advise, trouble shoot and generally assist our Dealers to provide superior solutions for their customers.

All of our Rhino Linings Dealers undertake extensive training both in our training facilities at head office and on-site in practical applications. This training and on-going technical support is provided by the manufacturer of the systems not by an agent or distributor.

An exclusive Dealer Zone on our web page provides our Dealers with technical data on our products, MSDS's, test results, references and case histories along with other relevant technical information to ensure they are kept abreast of issues and developments that affect their performance in the field.

All this adds up to Rhino Linings Dealers being the best trained and best technically supported plural component coating applicators in the market.

Project Management

Rhino Linings products and services have been used throughout Australia and overseas on a wide range of commercial and industrial projects. The Rhino Linings Industrial Division group offers project management services to its dealers, in order to coordinate many aspects of a large contract. Such aspects include: organising transport and accommodation for the project team; organising shipment of all product and equipment; providing on-site trouble-shooting and technical assistance and disbursement of contract payments. Often, several dealerships from different areas work together on a project.


Lihir Gold Mine
Project Management team at Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New Guinea, 2001


Job Specification

In order to ensure that the correct product is being specified for each commercial or industrial application, Rhino Linings head office provides a specification service to its dealers. This assists the dealer in gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, in that a correctly specified job leads to a satisfied customer and often to repeat business and referrals.

Orientation and Training Procedures

Head Office on the Gold Coast offers full training facilities

All Rhino Linings operators are required to undertake intensive in-house training in order to qualify for their authorised status. This training consists of information sessions in the training room as well as extensive hands-on training with the spray equipment and chemicals in our specially designed premises on the Gold Coast. The training period depends on the prior experience of the trainees. Assistance may be given, especially with overseas visitors, to book accommodation and transport. Most interstate and international visitors agree that the Gold Coast is a great place to combine work and pleasure.