Primary/Secondary Containment

Providing seamless protection against
Impact, Corrosion, Abrasion, Chemical Attack and Containment

Rhino Linings 100% solids, Premium Protective Linings are the superior solution for reliable, impervious containment. Our linings can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any substrate (new or in service) of any shape, regardless of penetrations, to any required thickness in just one application. All of our formulations are tack free within minutes reducing expensive downtime.

Rhino Linings a rapid spray applied, thick (2mm to unlimited thickness), tough monolithic membrane a that exhibit excellent elongation, remain flexible year after year, adhere tenaciously and remain extremely durable in the harshest environments.


  • Reinstatement of concrete bunds
  • Spray in place earthern bunds
  • Quick erect temporary bunds
  • Waste and waste water tanks and pits
  • Acid tank protection
  • Leaching ponds
  • Tailings dams


Spray applied through either a Low or High Pressure proportioning machine and being instant curing, Rhino Linings provides a seamless, impervious containment lining to any thickness in just one application. Pipework, fittings and support structures are easily incorporated into the lining eliminating seams and overlap joins guaranteeing the liners integrity.

Costly down time is significantly reduced compared to other lining methods ultimately saving you money.

Rhino Linings tenaciously adheres to virtually any substrate including steel, wood, fibreglass, concrete and rubber and is guaranteed never to crack, peel or warp.