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RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System Released

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Rhino Linings, The Innovative Quiet Achiever in Industrial Spray Applied Elastomeric Coating Systems.

Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd the world leader in spray applied elastomeric linings is fast becoming recognised as the quiet achiever within the mining, military and industrial sectors by offering innovative solutions for industrial problems in relation to corrosion, impact and abrasion.

At the recent QME (Queensland Mining Expo) held in Mackay, there was some surprise at the level of Rhino applications used in mining and industrial works throughout Australia.  A number of these innovative protective solutions have been carried out by the Rhino Linings Dealer network across the country.

One system in particular that caught many attendees attention at the QME was the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system.  This system covers a wide range of liquid materials handling issues for pipes which require special protection for the internal transfer of materials including water, wastewater, sewerage, various chemicals and oil.

The RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system, designed and built in-house by the Rhino Linings technical department, has been designed to spray the full range of Rhino polyurethane coatings to the internal surface of concrete, steel and FRP pipes. 

One of the benefits is that different polyurethanes will meet the individual protective requirements of the application, therefore providing a focused solution for chemical attack, corrosion or abrasion whilst achieving long term performance for durability of the pipe.

"The ability to spray very large heavy concrete pipes in any location, whether that be remote, on site or offsite are one of the key benefits available to Rhino's clients."  said Denis Baker, Rhino Linings Business Development Engineer "The RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system is an innovative application system and will be welcome within the mining, water and waste water sectors in particular" Mr Baker continued.

With two different spray heads available, small pipes ranging from 120mm to 250mm can be internally coated as well as larger pipes up to 2.5m in diameter, all giving uniform thickness and coverage to the internal wall of the pipe.

The RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system is a modular design and can be quickly transported onsite to remote, and often difficult to access, locations to spray internal pipes for both above or below ground installations.  The pipes are then ready to be positioned in place.
Rhino Linings RhinoChem 2170 a chemically resistant polyurethane, has been specified for three major Northern Territory sewerage projects located in Darwin, Palmerston and Larrakia.  All projects are utilising the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system. 
"Rhino Linings is proud in continuing to provide innovative premium protective solutions and capabilities for our customers" added Mark Teakle, CEO of Rhino Linings Australasia Pty Ltd

For further information on the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system contact Rhino Linings Australasia on 1300 887 780

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