Become a Dealer

Thank you for considering establishing a partnership with the worlds #1 sprayed on liner company, Rhino Linings. A Rhino Linings Dealership is the ideal way to either add an additional profit centre to your existing business or to create your own stand alone enterprise. By becoming a Rhino Linings Dealer you will be joining 1500 other Dealers operating in 65 countries around the world.

Since 1988 Rhino Linings has been the industry leader in spray applied protective linings for the automotive and light commercial markets and is recognised World Wide as the number 1 brand when it comes to spray applied protective linings.

So why become a Rhino Linings Dealer?

  • The products and systems you work with have been tried and proven over time in 85 countries around the world. They will work in your market - you are not a guinea pig for a new system.

  • You will enjoy the immediate benefit of the World's number 1 Sprayed on Liner brand - Any business expert will tell you that the best market position is always #1. It has taken us since 1988 to establish the Brand but you get the benefit of it as soon as you join us.

  • You will enjoy free corporate marketing and Advertising - Head office builds brand awareness and product acceptance that helps build your business. National print media, National Trade Shows and Web page marketing all supplied by Head Office at no cost to you.

  • Training and Support - All Rhino Linings Dealers undergo Head Office training and are provided with ongoing training in the field. Our Head Office Technical team are there for you 24/7.

  • Much more than just a Ute liner - Because we are the manufacturer of a range of spray applied protective lining products and application equipment means that Rhino Linings Dealers have so many more application opportunities including commercial, industrial, mining, materials handling, agriculture etc.

  • Unlimited Potential - There are so many proven applications for Rhino Linings that nearly every person you introduce it to will have a potential use.

  • Demand is growing rapidly - Now is the ideal time to join Rhino Linings Australasia as our network of Dealers is large enough to generate increased consumer demand but it is not yet extensive enough to keep up with the growth in demand. We NEED more Dealers NOW!

  • Not a Franchise -A Rhino Linings Dealership offers all the benefits of a tried and proven franchise system without the restrictions and costs of a Franchise. Be your own boss YOUR way.

  • National Life Time Warranty - Rhino Linings Australasia is the only Australian company that offers a National life time warranty,  this warranty is for Rhino TUFF STUFF spray applied ute liners, giving consumers even more reasons to buy from you.

  • Be in business for yourself but not by yourself - A Rhino Linings Dealership is an opportunity for you to be your own boss, to build your own future but with the full time support and assistance of Rhino Linings and our tried and proven systems.

  • The products are manufactured onsite in our own factory - we have direct control of quality, consistency and custom formulations. No outdated imported chemicals for our Dealers.

  • You are dealing with one supplier for your chemicals, equipment and technical support. - There will be times when you need help and assistance, who better to get it from than the manufacturer of all the critical components.

  • Supplied Leads - Rhino Linings corporate marketing programs generate job leads that we spin straight back to you.

  • Turn Key Package - A Rhino Linings Dealership Package is a complete package that includes everything you require to apply our products safely and efficiently. No surprises, no extras. Even chemical stock is included.

  • Un-biased advice - Rhino Linings manufactures a full range of Polyurea and Polyurethane chemical systems along with BOTH heated high pressure and low pressure application equipment, so we can offer you truly unbiased advice as to which system best suits your business. In fact you have the ability as a Rhino Linings Dealer to start small and expand your business into new markets, new applications and new equipment systems when YOU are ready.

  • You are not restricted to a "sales territory" - Rhino Linings Dealers are free to maximise their network of contacts and business skills by securing work wherever they have the commercial skill to do so. Many of our Dealers develop loyal customer bases that see them travel far and wide to apply Rhino Linings products.

  • Environmentally safe products - Rhino Linings products contain no environment harming VOC's or Solvents.

A Rhino Linings Dealership is not a lottery ticket, it is not a free ride. It will involve hard work and commitment on your part. If you have what it takes to make that commitment then Rhino Linings will provide you with tried and proven systems, tried and proven products and access to a range of training and support channels so that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

If you are ready to explore the Rhino Linings opportunity complete an inquiry sheet now or call us on 1300 887 780.