Corroded and leaky pipes in need of some serious attention?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's time to protect your pipes with RhinoPro!

Gold Coast based manufacturing company and chemical supplier Rhino Linings Australasia has researched, developed and trialled a unique system that provides internal protection of industrial pipes from corrosion and abrasion damage, while increasing flow efficiency.

The internal pipe spraying system, known as RhinoPro, is set to take the Australian mining and industrial sectors by storm.

The application of a protective coating offers a number of critical benefits to companies searching for ways to combat the high wear rate on their pipes, largely due to the transportation of waste water or corrosive chemical liquids.

It's proven...

RhinoPro was used with great success by a client in the Northern Territory recently. A protective barrier was required for its large spun cast and pour cast concrete sewer main and manhole pipes, which ranged in size from 1200mm to 1800mm in diameter and weighed more than two tonnes. Using the Rhino Linings Internal Pipe Spraying System, each pipe was successfully coated with RhinoChem 2170, Rhino Linings Chemically resistant (polyurethane elastomeric) coating.

Rhino Linings Technical & Special Project Manager Mr Frank Larsson, who designed the internal pipe spraying system, was thrilled with the results and the client's reaction to his innovative system. "The benefits of a system like this are that you have a continuous coating that adheres to the pipe wall, providing a strong protective barrier against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. The application is seamless and very fast," he said.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Rhino Linings machinery and chemicals, the RhinoPro Pipe spray system will soon be available to selected Rhino Linings Industrial Dealers and Applicators, who are strategically located throughout Australia.

"Many elastomeric spray applicators would tell you, it is often quite difficult to get an even coating when spraying the internals of pipes using hand held low pressure or high-pressure applicator guns. Then add the environment of an internal pipe diameter down to even 90mm and the application can be very difficult. The answer is the Australian developed RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray System."
Ian Rogers
Managing Director
Rhino Linings Northern Territory


The RhinoPro internal pipe spray system features

  • A rotary head that spins at approximately 30,000 rpm, which internally coats small pipes ranging in size from 120mm up to 250mm in diameter. The head sprays 360 degrees while continuously retracting giving a uniform thickness and coverage.
  • A second static head that relies on the pipe spinning and can accommodate large pipes up to 2.5m in diameter.Technical support and consulting expertise from Rhino Applicators, with access to those that designed and manufactured the system in your own backyard.


The RhinoPro internal pipe spray system is perfect for:

  • Repairing or retrofitting existing internal piping or for use in the fabrication of new pipes.
  • Protecting your pipes against corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack.
  • Use in mining and industrial environments for slurry pipes and waste water.

For further information on the RhinoPro Internal Pipe Spray system contact Rhino Linings Australasia on 1300 887 780.