Rhino® ArmaFloor® Thinners

Rhino ArmaFloor® Thinners is a fast evaporating thinners with low viscosity and physical properties best suited to high solids solvent-borne systems. ArmaFloor® Thinners is designed to aid in thinning the Rhino ArmaFloor epoxy (non-water based), Rhino Ultracoat Clear and Polyaspartic range of flooring systems for better flow and levelling. 

ArmaFloo®r Thinners will allow for smoother roll down of the coating when working in high humidity conditions. 

ArmaFloor® Thinners can be used to lower viscosity which will help improve the self-levelling characteristics of the liquid chemistry and increase the flow rate of the Final Coat over chip or quartz flooring, as well as solid colour systems.

Its primary use is for Top Coat or Final Coat applications. 

Whenever using thinning agents, do not over dilute the mixture. This may cause a degradation of the coating appearance.


  • The lower the viscosity produced by adding up to 5% by volume of ArmaFloor® Thinners will give better flow and roll-ability.
  • ArmaFloor® Thinners should always be added to premised Iso and Resin in order to maintain the proper Iso to Resin ratio. Do not exceed more than 10% by volume.