ArmaFloor UltraCoat Clear

UltraCoat Clear is a high gloss, low viscosity, solvent free polymer system that has been designed for application as a hard wearing surface over concrete.

Integrating the newest technology, UltraCoat Clear combines the ease of application of epoxies and the wear resistance and toughness of acrylics.

Containing no solvents, UltraCoat Clear provides a safe, low odour alternative to conventional solvent-based materials as well as being resistant to ultra violet degradation for internal behind window applications.

With an application thickness of 150micron to 3mm, UltraCoat Clear can be applied via spray systems, roll out and trowel/squeegee methods.


  • Solvent free
  • Dries Clear
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch
  • resistance
  • Low temperature cure
  • Naturally self-levels to a clear and
  • consistent coverage
  • Less than 3% Volatile Organic
  • Compounds (VOCs)

Shopping Mall - Rhino ArmaFloor

Rhino ArmaFloor UltraCoat Clear is the perfect application for those spaces that require a durable, aesthetically pleasing, high gloss finish.  Suitable for: Shopping malls, retail shops, commercial floors, showroom floors and more.