Slip Resistant

TUFF STUFF is Rhino Linings premium liner product. A thick "grippy" liner that will provide maximum slip resistance for your cargo whilst providing maximum protection against corrosion, dings and dents.

Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF has been providing vehicle owners superior levels of protection since 1988 and to this day remains the World’s #1 Liner.

It is used to protect utes, trucks, 4WDs, prime movers, trailers, boats, flooring, buildings, military vehicles, horse floats, industrial equipment and much more. 

TUFF STUFF is applied up to 2 - 3 times thicker than other liners providing more protection, more sound deadening, more slip resistance and more vibration absorption than any other liner on the market.

Unlike drop-in plastic liners, TUFF STUFF forms a permanent air and water-tight bond that prohibits rust, corrosion and surface abrasion. The non porous lining is easy to clean and the non-abrasive surface texture helps keep cargo in place whilst providing insulation against annoying road vibration and noise.

TUFF STUFF is the only Liner that comes with a "Nation Wide Life Time Warranty" (Conditions apply).  It will not crack warp or peel even under extreme temperatures.  If you want the best protection and the ultimate piece of mind then Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF is the only Liner for you.

If you want the very best protection for your vehicle than don't accept imitations, demand the original and still the best, Rhino Linings TUFF STUFF.


  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Excellent Impact resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Excellent noise & vibration attenuation
  • Economical solution
  • Seamless
  • Applied in one application

Typical Applications

  • Ute beds
  • Ute trays
  • Vehicle interior and exterior
  • grilles, guards, side steps, bumpers
  • Trucks
  • Military vehicles
  • Jet skis
  • Trailers
  • Mining vehicles

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S. Damen WA
"Tough and durable.. Love it!"

Case Studies

Ute body protection
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