Rhino Linings Duraspray provides maximum hardness, maximum impact protection and maximum scratch resistance at a lower price than TUFF STUFF. For the hardworking tradesman that requires total corrosion protection, impact resistance and scratch resistance Duraspray is your liner. Its strong, looks great and gives your bedliner the ultimate protection due to its durable hardness further extending the life of your vehicle. 

Duraspray is a more cost effective liner for someone who is less concerned about cargo slippage, sound deadening and vibration and more concerned about scratch resistance and gouging that hard working utes are subjected to day in and day out.

Ideal for trucks and heavy vehicle applications Duraspray can handle the heaviest of loads whilst providing maximum bed protection.

Duraspray offers substantially better performance than alternative products that will crack, peel and warp.  You will only need to apply Duraspray once in the life of your vehicle.  The saving ultimately achieved is significant when compared to the replacement cost of less effective alternatives that are essentially paint and have to be replaced frequently.

Nothing compares to Rhino Linings Duraspray when it comes to hard wearing, flexible and seamless industrial flooring. Spray applied to any thickness in one application Duraspray reduces long shut down times associated with traditional floor coatings saving the business owner money.


  • Reduced slip resistance
  • Reduced impact resistance
  •  Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good chemical protection
  • Good noise and vibration attenuation
  • Can be applied in thinner applications
  • Seamless
  • Applied in one application

Typical Applications

  • Ute beds
  • Ute trays
  • Vehicle interior and exterior
  • grilles, guards, side steps, bumpers
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Mining vehicles