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The spray-on lining industry is highly profitable, with an ever-increasing demand for Rhino Linings products.

Having pioneered the industry in the United States, Rhino Linings, since 1988, has continued to provide world-class protective solutions.

With this track record, it is easy to understand why Rhino Linings is recognised as a world leader in the spray-on polyurethane industry, operating in 65 countries with more than 1500 applicators.

Our agents can rest assured that they are backed by a professional, genuine, multinational company with proven products that produce genuine benefits for our clients.

In recognition of these tough economic times Rhino Linings Australasia is now offering a selection of Automotive Applicator package which offers an easy and proven add-on profit centre to provide additional income streams for an existing business or the package can also be used operate a stands-alone business.



Rhino Linings Automotive Applicator Dealership is for those businesses that want to tackle the larger commercial applications such as heavy industrial vehicles, as well as ute liners.

This machine package includes the MK15 Spray Machine, its key features include ease of operation, closely controlled chemical ratio and long-term operating effectiveness.

The MK15 is the spray machine of choice for Rhino Linings Automotive Dealers.